Vulnerable Realities

The cosmic reality doesn’t align with my fantasy.
I wonder, wonder and wonder.
Why won’t you be where I want you to be?
Why won’t you love me although I don’t even talk to you?
Why would you fall in love them although I’m emotionally unavailable?
It hurts, hurts and hurts to see this reality.
Make numb my pain with an air of audacity.
I can’t believe this reality is mine out of all the multiverse.
A universe where knowledge can be a curse.
But here I see, see and see.
Yet not be seen by devise.
Do I want this reality to be mine?
But it is the reality I get by, hardly.
Don’t mind me, I’ll be chewing on my many realities, pretending like this one doesn’t exist.

— Eluzai Zion.



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Eluzai Zion

Eluzai Zion

Architecture. History. Politics. Music. Philosophy. Design. Art. Languages. Entrepreneurship.