This Could Have Been Us.

Eluzai Zion
Oct 27, 2020


Vintage Fantasy Poetry Series — This could have been us.

This could have been us.
Not a day goes by where I don’t think of it.
The hypotheticals and the hyperbole.
A question lingers in my thoughts, “what if?”.
This could have been us.
The promises we made to each other in the chasm of our “eternal” love.
The hope of growing old together has all but vanished.
Of the many vacations we planned for the rest of our lives, none occured.
Maybe that beach, or even that hilltop you promised to climb with me is beyond the edge of imagination.
This could have been us.
At times I crave for that suburban life you promised.
I miss that little green house we were supposed to build, together.
I don’t know how it must feel to annoy you while we drive away into the ocean.
I can only imagine the rhythm of your chest.
Only to conclude that our rhythms are the same.
This could have been us.
Singing ever more to the tunes of our favourite ladies, nothing could ever stop us.
Imagine that wedding day when our love has sung it’s beautiful aria for the world to listen.
To the ups and downs we both envisioned going through only with each other.
For a love that ever so sincerely tried to be forever.
I can’t help but hold back tears when I realise that this could have been us.

— Eluzai Zion.



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