Susie calls me at 2, she says she’s got something to say.

Something that can’t wait until the break of dawn.

Before she mutters her words, she fumbles.

She’s as mute as the nights cries.

I ask her again and again and again,

Are you alright? Are you even there?

Heavy breathing is all the response I get.

I worry for my friend, trouble never leaves her.

It was just the other day I saved her from the demons nest.

What’s today’s mission I wonder,

Another rescue? Or another seance?

Will Susie be the medium or will I venture into the spiritual plane?

As I ponder to this thought, I hardly notice the slime besides me.

Hydra say hello, an unpleasant one at that.

I run down the ever so harrowing hill, panting for my life.

There I chanced upon Susie, who now holding my hand, guides me down the plane of reality.

We pass by the witching hour, all those witches and snitches and their curdling sacrifices.

We pass by Lady Luck but she was busy slaying Hope, beside her, Mr. Time looks ghastly.

I run to the end of the cliff of sanity, nowhere near the abode of safety.

Suddenly I awake, no sight of Susie or that demonic Hydra.

I’m thankful to awake from this nightmare, at least for the day.

For I know that Susie returns every night at 2,

She waits for my insights into her next adventure, grudgingly to make me a pawn in her own nightmare.

Until next time Susie, I bid you and these experiments adieu.

I press myself to sleep on my sweaty pillow, knowing that my ghoul is staring at me by the corner of my bed.

— Eluzai Zion.



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Eluzai Zion

Eluzai Zion

Architecture. History. Politics. Music. Philosophy. Design. Art. Languages. Entrepreneurship.