Daily Fears

Three times I awake at night.
In deep thoughts my brain oscillates.
Three times I stare at the clock.
It stares back into the oblivion of the night.
Three times I check my phone,
“Maybe they texted back?”
No. Just no.
Three times I lie to myself.
“they care about you, maybe they’re busy”.
For all I know, I care less about me.
Three times the rooster crows.
And I panic, have I been betrayed? Or am I too late?
Three times my heart accelerates,
Once for the ghoul in the corner,
Once for the ghost of past lovers
Once for the fear of the future.
Three times I assure my reality.
There’s no ghoul or ghost.
And certainly no fear for a future not known.
Three times I awake, thankful that at least I can awake.

— Eluzai Zion.



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Eluzai Zion

Eluzai Zion

Architecture. History. Politics. Music. Philosophy. Design. Art. Languages. Entrepreneurship.